Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel
Roche Harbor Resort
Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, WA
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The ceremony will take place in Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel at 2:00pm. 

Unfortunately, Matt's uncle, Deacon Armand, from Chicago, will be unable to officiate our wedding as he is undergoing some medical treatment! We are so sad that he will be unable to join us but he will be in our thoughts and we wish him a speedy recovery!  Fr. Nguyen, Pastor at St. Francis in Friday Harbor will now be officiating the wedding. 

To be married in the Catholic Church means far more than to have the wedding ceremony in a church building.  While marriage as a "contract" is legally binding, a sacramental covenant is spiritually and morally binding. To be married in the presence of the holy assembly of God's people means a man and a woman are joined together in a lasting bond of love, to live the sacrament of their marriage all their days.

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, but the bridal bouquet trumps them all and is almost as important as the wedding gown.  Mallory's bouquet will be made by her aunt, Janet, who has also been kind enough to design and create all the wedding party flowers and table arrangements.

Lastly, if you are driving to Roche Harbor on the morning of the wedding, please make sure you plan ahead for your ferry so you don't miss the ceremony!  We want to see you in our wedding photos!

Wedding Attire

Men's jackets (ties optional) are requested for the church service and group photos.

Ladies, we encourage you to be comfortable in your bright summer outfits, so you can leave the formal gowns at home and bring your favorite sundress, but if you choose to wear heels, please take care as you make your way around the cobblestone pathways in the resort and the wooden decks of the marina! 

We hope that the July weather will be an enjoyable time for some outside nighttime strolling and to watch the awe-inspiring Colors Ceremony at dusk!

History of the Chapel

Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel was built for the McMillin family as a Methodist Church in the late 1800's. It was also used as a schoolhouse for the Company children. After the Tarte family bought the resort in 1956 the Chapel was refurbished and dedicated as a Catholic Church. It is the only privately owned Catholic Church in the United States.

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